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Bleeding Control Kits

Bleeding Control Kit - Molle Bag 
Tourniquets 2 / Israeli Bandage 6" / Chest Seals 2 / Trauma Pak with Celox Gauze / Trauma Shears 7" / Instruction Card / Mylar Blanket / Pen

Emergency Solutions LLC 

is focused on providing the highest quality bleeding control kits to stop bleeding in critical situations, accidents or natural disasters. 


Tourniquets with Aluminum Windlass - Combat Application Tourniquet

We provide training on proper use of our  bleeding control kits to ensure your organization is prepared for the critical few minutes after a major bleeding event occurs to provide the proper first aid.

Save a Life

Aluminum Windlass for Combat Application Tourniquet

We want to equip and train your organization in bleeding control to prepare you in case of a bleeding event that could save a life.

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Let us help you be ready in case of a major bleeding incident with one of our bleeding control kits and bleeding control training. Minutes could make the difference.

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